Pijl Service offer:
The most technical drawing offices nowadays turned their conventional-drawing boards in for computer systems.
This choice falls together with the question about computerized-automation being really necessary or not.
When chosen for effective automation changes within the company structure will be an unavoidable result.

An advantage of automation is especially the possibility to make the same product easier and cheaper in the future.
The craftsmanship within the companies will be able to concentrate on the quality of the product.

Often companies start within an early stage to draw from out the original/conventional drawing policy/management and find out after a longer period of time, the difficulties of certain actions being not easy or harder to handle than before.
The possibilities of a conventional-drawing board are simply not equal compared to a computer system.

For every kind of production small or large, within a longer period of time, it pays off to handle a stable base for the processing of information.
ConMeg can help companies and businesses to make the right decisions and build a solid base with an eye on the future.