Reports on automation
When establishing an automation system,a good diagnose is essential.
Naturally there are more factors within a company which one has to deal with.
The choices made at the founding of this system are very essential according to its future possibilities and the people who have to use it.
Therefore a good unravelment of datadiversities is needed to come to the right decisions.
More decision variabilities can serve as a proposal.
It is the freedom of the company/instructor to handle these choices.

- documentation & reports
- effective preparations of meetings by means of making decisions
- internal company mailings using:

- general notition systems
- documents
- reports
- e-mail
- informative intranet sites

Company training & reports
In many cases it is essential to instruct users about certain systems in order to work them properly.
A conveniently arranged, well-organized and efficient working method is an important way to avoid unnecessary time consumption within a production process.

This can be:
- an internal company mailing
- a personal training
- group training

Systems can be:
- a company technical system
- a computer system
- a product system